Pac-10 Dominance.

So I am a HUGE sports fan as well. Grew up playing every sport that I could; soccer, basketball, football, and track.  College football is probably my favorite sport to watch and the Oregon Ducks are my favorite team.  I don’t know if you know too much about the Pac-10 but now that Mark Sanchez from USC is off to the NFL, that means some Oregon players can steal the spotlight. Possibly even make a run for the heisman.  I think that Jeremiah Masoli (JR QB) and LeGarrett Blount (SR RB) will both have shots if they continue the way that they ended the 08-09 season.  And you gotta love the Nike connection with Oregon, always giving us the latest uniforms and actually letting our players design new uniforms every three years.

Here is a pic of safety Patrick Chung, who is going to the NFL wearing a special edition uniform that Nike let us wear for only one game this season. (Arizona)chung


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