There He Goes Again.

Today Brett Favre informed the New York Jets that he will retire. This time is it for real? Who knows. He might be back, but I highly doubt it. I think he wanted to give things a new try, with a new team, to see what would happen again.  With all of his decisions, I wish that he would just make up his mind. I am getting tired of the stories about him and I think it is ruining his legacy. He has set so many records and it is unbelievable to witness the things that he has done. Now his time is over. Now is the time to start remembering him. I will always remember his fist pumps when he was fired up. Congrats on a wonderful career Brett.

nfl_g_favre_576But hey, now is the time for former Oregon quarterback, Kellen Clemens to step up.




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2 responses to “There He Goes Again.

  1. melbro

    This Brett Favre drama is getting a little ridiculous in my opinion. Most of us have been watching Favre for quite a long time and we know how amazing he has been. And I was maybe interested in the Favre retiring controversy the first time, but now it just seems silly. Brett Favre we love you but stop making this public every season. Hey if you like music

    • 1ac1

      Couldn’t agree with you anymore. I am getting very sick of this whole thing, same thing with the steriods on baseball, but I will save that for another day.

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