PK Park Opening Day 2009.

So yesterday (Feb. 27th, 2009) was a special day for the University of Oregon.  They had there opening day for baseball.  You might be wondering why this is so special.  It is the first baseball team  that the University has had for over 28 years.  About two years ago the ball started rolling to re-instate baseball program.  This meant starting everything new: a coaching staff, an actual team, and a baseball stadium to play in.  Fast forward two years ahead and Oregon hired one of the best baseball coaches in the nation (George Horton), recruited a top 10 ranked team, and built a brand new state of the art baseball stadium in the shadows of Autzen Stadium (University of Oregon’s Football Stadium).  I attended the opening day and took some pictures of the stadium, but I took them on my phone so sorry for the poor quality.  This first picture is probably my favorite as it shows both teams on the field during the national anthem and it has Autzen in the background. Oh and yeah did I mention that Oregon played defending NATIONAL CHAMPS, Fresno St., and Oregon won 1-0. Pretty tight. (All pictures are taken from the third baseline)

0227091356With these other 4 pictures I tried to take them to be able to get sort of a panoramic of the whole field/stadium.


The stadium is just temporary bleachers for this season, while construction will begin the day after this years season for the bigger and permanent seating. The finished PK Park will be one of the nicest college baseball stadiums in the country.


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