ALIFE Spring Shoes.


Here are some pictures of a new shoe that ALIFE is dropping.  They should be pretty dope for the spring or summer if you can hold off that long.


Sorry for the long delay between posts, I will try to update this blog as often as I can.  Thanks for all the support so far though, keep it coming.



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4 responses to “ALIFE Spring Shoes.

  1. like them… where will they be sold?

  2. 1ac1

    Thanks for your comment!

    These shoes are called “The Tumbled Leather Chuck” and are $150.00.

    Currently they are not on the ALIFE company website, but they are for sale at

    Hope this helps! Thanks for reading.


  3. Yo Alec, those shoes are sick. I’d rather not spend $150 so lets cross our fingers for another 50% code at karmaloop 🙂

  4. 1ac1

    Yeah for real haha. I would just be scared that I would get them dirty in like a day haha.

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