Jordan 16.5 Leaked Pics.

A new Jordan fusion, the 16.5 in blk/red, hits Foot Locker in November, just in time to make holiday wish lists. New Jordans are always the center of exhaustive discussion, and these fusions will be no exception. The 16.5 is a hybrid of the XVI and XVII, although it looks like the XVII has the stronger influence (to repurpose the scale, I’d call it a 16.7) since it led the direction of the upper, the most identifiable part of the shoe. The XVII is most visible in the double row of lace eyelits, reduced from 8 to 6 on a side. The mid-sole and patent toe-box draft off of the XVI’s design, and this first colorway matches up with the original release of the XVI. An interesting new touch is “Jordan” in braille on the mid-sole heel. No word on the price yet.



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