Beer Pong, 420. Fight Club.

Last Monday, 4/20, Asher Roth dropped his debut album titled “Asleep in the Bread Aisle”. Props to him for being the first to be able to drop a cd on a Monday and baller day to choose…. check this shirt he helped drop. The only thing I’m wondering is where is the love for the West??


“Asher Roth, Universal Motown, and Flight Club hook up on an ultra-exclusive FC All-Star t-shirt to commemorate the drop of Asher’s debut album, Asleep In the Bread Aisle. The tee calls out Asher’s Beer Pong mastery (notice the captain “C” on the tee), features a Flight Club x Asher “Wonderbread” logo, and 420 written in the font style of the album’s packaging. Asher’s All-Star jersey number “420″ (the date of his album drop) is now officially a “retired number” in the FC All-Star series along with Def Jam Recordings who retired the number 25 most recently to commemorate their 25th anniversary.”




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