Get Yo Swag On. Soulja Boy Style.

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“Do you hop out of bed with your swag turned on? You might think so, but here’s your chance to really turn it up!

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em wants to help one lucky male and female turn their swag on full blast.
How to Enter
In a short video, we need you to show and tell Soulja Boy why you need his swag assistance. Are there too many empty hangers in your closet? Do you have too many broken heels? Is your swag tank on empty? Get at Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em and he’ll help you out!
Soulja Boy will choose the two video entries he believes need the most swag help and he will send a personal video greeting back to both winners. He’ll also choose a complete outfit from for both winners to get them fresh from head to toe!
Submission Requirements:

  • You must be 14 years old and over
  • Racial, sexual or religious epithets are not allowed
  • Your video can be no longer than 60 seconds (any videos longer than the specified time limit will be deemed ineligible).

Entries close Friday May 8, 2009. Winners will be announced shortly after. Best of luck!
Please note: This contest is open to international entrants.”

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