Nike Terminator “Play Hard” 2009 Summer Collection.

More Nike SUMMERTIME kicks…enjoy.


“Originally unveiling the Play Hard campaign last year, Nike Japan continues to push their musically-charged project into Summer 2009 with a new event featuring a handful of Japan’s premier musical acts. The campaign, backed by Tower Records, will also be releasing a new pack of Terminator sneaker, in both a hi and low cut. The kicks are a change of pace from last year’s drop, utilizing a mainly white backdrop with various vibrant accents and patent leather.”




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6 responses to “Nike Terminator “Play Hard” 2009 Summer Collection.

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  2. kay

    a y y ee ;;
    can you help?
    im in love with these and want to know where to get them in Aus, or how i can contact Japan to order some?
    please help!!

  3. for sure! i will get back to you soon with an answer!

  4. The only website that I can find these available on right now, is a Japanese website.

    Here is a link to it, I hope this helps you out!


  5. AC

    Try this link, I am having a hard time finding them right now as well. They also may be on the Nike website

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