So I guess this watch brand is starting to gain some steam after being in the game for a little bit.  They have done collabo work with companies that you might be familiar with, such as Stussy.  I’m liking these new watches that they are dropping called the “Luminox 3050 Colour series”.  Take a peak at them and let me know what you’re feeling about them – I’m really feeling the black and white one.

**You can find the watches here**

–The Official Luminox website is here–

bigone“The Luminox Watch Company began as an American success story and is evolving into a global brand. As has been said many times, “necessity is the mother of invention” and the Luminox story is a classic example. In 1989, the founder Barry Cohen, already in the watch business, found a need and filled it, when he learned of a unique Swiss self-powered illumination system, and reasoned that this would be a very helpful addition to the watch business, making watches more visible and easier to read in low or no light situations. This seemed quite logical since one of life’s realities is degeneration of eyesight as one ages, and finding methods to see anything better (in this case – time) made sense. He contacted the owner of the illumination company and then visited the small Swiss firm in an attempt to develop a new brand of watches that would employ this unique illumination system (now called Luminox Light Technology), and a watch brand was born. The rest, as they say – is history. Today, Luminox can be found in more than 30 nations with more being added regularly.”



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4 responses to “LUMINOX WATCHES.

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  2. IMAC

    Those watches are sick. Not quite as sick as the phone watches but these look nice. I like the green and yellow colorways.

  3. yeah i agree, phone watches are pretty illlllll. good choices on the two colorways!

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