LeGarrette Blount Punches Boise St. Player.

After Oregon gets whipped on by Boise St., Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount punches a Boise St. player (Bryon Hout) after getting hit on the shoulder. Check out this video..:

What do you think should happen to Blount?


Blount’s apology statement after the game.



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2 responses to “LeGarrette Blount Punches Boise St. Player.

  1. MN

    Hasn’t the whole Blount thing been done to death. He’s off the team, can’t transfer, the team has A LOT of work to do. Get on with it already

  2. AC

    Yeah hopefully they’ll still get to use him in practice to help our defense out. time for lamichael james to step it up. oh and did you see that someone actually slapped blount in the face and that’d why he went towards the crowd?

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