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Black Friday 2011

Released On: November 25, 2011
Author: Janiece Lincoln
Industry: Apparel & Fashion
Enliten has announced its annual release and sale for Black Friday. The release has over 20 new additions, including women’s apparel for the first time in company history.

The new release features a collection of basics with their iconic logo and name on t-shirts, pocket tees, hoodies, and crew neck sweatshirts. To accentuate, the crewneck sweaters have detailed stitching across the lateral body and cross stitching at the neckline. For women, V-necks and crew necks are now available for purchase with the other apparel in shop. In addition, A new design collaboration features the first line of a song from Enliten Elite sponsored rapper, Prince Ea, “Get Your Mind Right.” The design follows a backwards design, inspired by Prince Ea’s new theme seen in his most popular video, “Backwards Rappers.” Other collaborations with DyMe-A-DuZiN and Amerikas Addiction are newly available in shop.

“The new, higher quality sweatshirt designs are something we are very proud of,” said Alec Nelson, co-owner of the Enliten brand. “We are changing the dynamics of our audience and our variety. We have had a lot of requests to expand to the women’s market and it seems like an ideal time for us. Right now, we are elevating every standard we have.”

Though many changes towards expansion are currently underway in the Enliten company, their popular designs of the past are still available to shoppers this weekend. The sale will be open to consumers from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Exclusively for the weekend, the entire shop will be 20% off. As well, Enliten has redesigned their online shop for shoppers to have a cleaner and easier experience navigating in the future. Customers will now be available to accumulate reward points, check order history and status, use promo codes, and much more. If not enough, the shopping benefits will extend beyond Black Friday. For all orders over $60, shipping will be free of charge. 

The 2011- 2012 Winter Lookbook video and photos can be found at www.enliten.me/lookbook and Enliten encourages customers to follow and like the company on Facebook and Twitter to stay aware of updates and promotions.
Lookbook Video:
Lookbook Photos:

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Bye Bye ‘Bron.


I’m sure a lot of people ‘witnessed’ LeBron James finally making his ‘decision’ to sign with the Miami Heat yesterday (July 8th, 2010). A lot of people saw the move coming, but there were some fans, and owners, who didn’t and felt betrayed by the decision James made.

(Fans in Cleveland burn old James’ jerseys after LeBron announced his decision)

Later the same night, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert posted a letter to Cleveland fans how LeBron James “betrayed and quit on the team”. He later went on to say that Cleveland will win a championship before the ‘Miami Thrice’ gets one of their own.

(Full Letter)

These sound like some pretty harsh statements and am curious to see what others reactions are towards the letter?

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The Beginning of a New Age.

Welcome to http://www.enlitenonline.com!

I go by the name of AC and this is my blog for Enliten clothing. I will be focusing to inform you of new clothes and shoes that recently drop.  I will also be writing about things that are going on with the company with things like behind the scene pictures and videos.  I hope that you will enjoy the things I have to say and post. Maybe, just maybe, I will enliten you a little.  You’re supposed to learn something new everyday, so why not learn something from our blogs?  Thanks for reading and continue to check back!

I have always been interested in shoes.  Throughout high school I would wait in line at Nike on Saturday mornings and wait for the newest Jordan shoe to drop so then I could either grab them quick or sell them on eBay fast to make some mulllah.  Here is a picture that just leaked showing a pair of new Jordan shoes that I think are pretty cool looking.  Sorry that the picture is such bad quality.  These Jordans are called Air Jordans 60+, inspired by his 60 point performances against opponents.  They look similar to the V’s and they are supposed to drop in the Fall for around $150.Air Jordan 60+

Always gotta stay a little old school with some new touches…These are dope. Nike Blazers. These colorways will be released in ’09.

Nike Blazers

I am very interested in “urban” clothes if that’s what you want to call it. You will learn more about this later though, but here is a picture of some of the new Billionaire Boys Club line that is set to release in January….Pharrell knows how to do things.

Billionaire Boys Club

Keep your eyes open for more! Lets start a new Age of Enlitenment…

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