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LeBron James “Whitness” MVP Shoes – Very Limited Edition.

So tomorrow the NBA store in NYC is going to be releasing a new pair of LeBron’s shoes.

These shoes are SUPER limited as there will only be 9, yes thats right 9, pairs available.

IF you want them, I bet the line is already formed. So check eBay or something.



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Nike Basketball MVP’s Kobe & Lebron Three Rings Commercial.

I was just kind of thinking of the possibility of a Kobe Vs. LeBron one-on-one game. How sick would that be? I mean it could be on pay-per-view and have all the money go to a good cause or something. I think that people would throw down a few bucks to watch on of the best match-ups that I can think about. What you think?  ….well here’s a tight commercial anyways.

“Nike Basketball continues their MVP ad campaign with a look into the second commercial featuring last year’s MVP in Kobe Bryant and the newly crown MVP, LeBron James. In this latest installment, Kobe unleashes by inner bravado with a focus on his “Three Rings”, while questioning LeBron’s hunger. Check it out!”

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