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2010 Men’s NCAA Tournament.


This year there were a lot of upsets compared to that of last year during the March Madness NCAA Men’s tournament. The difference in number of upsets is apparent in the final four, which is coming up this weekend (April 3rd, 2010).  Last year, all four #1 seeds made it to the final four, while this year only one of the #1 seeds made it to the final four (Duke).

I am curious as to who people have for continuing on through the final four and winning the 2010 national championship game.


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Black-Out Concept Custom Watches.

Black is the new black. So black-on-black watches are sure to be legit. Take a peak at these to wet your appetites (or lighten your wallet).


Founded by Geneva-native Fabrice Letellier back in 2007, Black-Out Concept was born out of his own personal affection of all-black aesthetics. His initial treatments and custom projects largely involved only his collection of rare supercars and performance automobiles but quickly turned to timepieces. Recently seen in the MEN.STYLE.com 10 Essentials with Kanye West feature, Yeezy is among the people to take the plunge into the world of custom black Rolex watches. To ensure longevity, the black coating features a “two low-friction, scratch-proof finishes used by the military, PVD and DLC (diamond-like carbon).” Most watches can be customized for roughly $7,000 USD. For more information, the Black-Out Concepts website can be seen here.

Source: Luxist

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