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Jabari Brown Chooses Oregon.


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Talented guard Jabari Brown has made his selection-and its Oregon. He will help a depleted Ducks roster that has been plagued by a turbulent off season of transfers and ineligibility.  The 5-star prospect will help reload the ducks and give fans hope as they head into the $230 million Matt Court.  The Bay Area native will play his senior year of high school for Oakland High School.  This is the ducks 4th commitment from the 2011 prep class.

It has been said that Dana Altman has become a popular figure around AAU recruiting, and it appears his efforts are beginning to payoff.  Brown will be a protégé guard to help run the up-tempo Oregon offense.  He is a great shooter from distance and will be able to knock down a good number of 3’s for the ducks through out his career in Eugene.

Click here to view his scouting report and see how his skills should translate to the Pac-10.

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We’re Going Streaking.

About three months ago I ran across my future income. I was on ESPN and noticed “Steak for the Cash”. It is something where each day there different match-ups ranging from soccer to tennis to NFL, and you can guess who will win. Each correct pick you choose, you get one point added to your streak total.  The first person to reach 27 correct picks in a row will receive one million dollars.  Each month the person to have the most correct picks overall (not necessarily in a streak) will receive $2,500.  Not a bad way to go, better odds than the lottery I would say.  You can check it out and get started here. It’s a good way to test your sports trivia knowledge while raking in the dough.


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