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Buck’s Bango Backflip Dunk.


Check out this video of the Milwaukee Buck’s mascot “Bango” doing a backflip dunk off of a 20 ft. ladder! Looks like it could be helping out the Buck’s with their current 3-2 lead in the opening round of the playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks.


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LeBron Memorial Shot.

So now that LeBron James’ season is over, I wanted to post this funny video.

This video is a funny news response after he hit the game winning three against Orlando at home. Check it out.

Where do you think Lebron will end up? Do you think he’ll end up staying close to home and try to do it again with the Cavs? Or do you think that he’ll decide to try and switch things up and make a move to better his career? Possibly New York?

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LeBron James “Whitness” MVP Shoes – Very Limited Edition.

So tomorrow the NBA store in NYC is going to be releasing a new pair of LeBron’s shoes.

These shoes are SUPER limited as there will only be 9, yes thats right 9, pairs available.

IF you want them, I bet the line is already formed. So check eBay or something.


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