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XLarge 2010 Spring Collection.

Xlarge is a pretty tight brand, check out some of the new line set to drop in the Spring of ’10.

xlarge-2010-spring-collection-preview-1“Although originally conceived in the states, XLarge has seen most of its following through the Japanese market with its blend of colorful patterns, everyday essential items, and classic streetwear appeal, which makes sense since that’s where its primarily offered. XLarge’s upcoming collection for Spring 2010 can be seen below, showcasing those very elements of youthful urban contemporary fashion. Highlights include a selection of lightweight outerwear, denim, accessories, and knits.”




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Mosley Tribes Resort 2010 Spring Collection.

Take a look at these Mosley Tribe sunglass that are set to drop in Spring of 2010.

mosley-tribes-resort-2010-spring-collection-1“Having partnered with various streetwear entities earlier this year, we move forward and preview some of Mosley Tribes’ 2010 spring Resort collection. The eyewear models include the Patterson, Chambers, Hillyard and Becker, which could be best described as modern updates to classical shapes and styles. Each style is further broken down into a handful of different color configurations.”


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College Football!!!


So my favorite time of the year is fast approaching with the start of college football.  You might be thinking that this is a little early considering that the first kickoff won’t be until the end of August, BUTTTTT!!!!! Spring football is starting to wind down throughout all programs meaning the spring scrimmage for most of the football programs are going on. (The University of Oregon’s final spring practice and SCRIMMAGE is this Saturday (may 2nd) in Eugene)

Long story short — I was wondering who people are thinking have a chance to win the National Championship this year??







-Any other “sleeper” team?

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BLESS Duo Fringe Glasses/Beyonce ‘Diva’ Glasses.

So this is kind of a random post but I am bored so I am posting. About a month ago the Beyonce “Diva” music video came out and towards the beginning she is wearing some pretty ridiculous sunglasses. My friends and I joked at the time that we should make some of the sunglasses and see if they become popular. (In case you’ve never seen the music video, here it is. Look for the silver glasses towards the beginning of the video.)


Well searching the internet I found some sunglasses that are pretty similar, well at least in the way they were constructed. Not exactly the same, but on the same page.

After viewing the “Diva” sunglasses, take a peek at these glasses made by BLESS. They run for a little under $300.00.

bless-duo-fringe-glasses-1“The design duo of Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag introduce a new pair of sunglasses from their Berlin-based design agency, BLESS. Making its premiere during their Spring/Summer runway show, they continue their knack for unorthodox design methods with the Duo Fringe model, which definitely takes the meaning of sun protection to a new level. For those digging the style, they are now available via colette.”


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The Hundreds Spring 2009 – Part 2.

The hundreds is dropping the second half  of their spring line this thursday.  Get on it before its all sold out.



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New ALIFE’s Part Two.


Here is another pair of ALIFE shoes that I found that are also pretty tight.  If you have never checked out ALIFE before, I suggest you check them out, they are a pretty legit brand.  You can check them out by clicking here.

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ALIFE Spring Shoes.


Here are some pictures of a new shoe that ALIFE is dropping.  They should be pretty dope for the spring or summer if you can hold off that long.


Sorry for the long delay between posts, I will try to update this blog as often as I can.  Thanks for all the support so far though, keep it coming.



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