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Bye Bye ‘Bron.


I’m sure a lot of people ‘witnessed’ LeBron James finally making his ‘decision’ to sign with the Miami Heat yesterday (July 8th, 2010). A lot of people saw the move coming, but there were some fans, and owners, who didn’t and felt betrayed by the decision James made.

(Fans in Cleveland burn old James’ jerseys after LeBron announced his decision)

Later the same night, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert posted a letter to Cleveland fans how LeBron James “betrayed and quit on the team”. He later went on to say that Cleveland will win a championship before the ‘Miami Thrice’ gets one of their own.

(Full Letter)

These sound like some pretty harsh statements and am curious to see what others reactions are towards the letter?


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LeBron James “Whitness” MVP Shoes – Very Limited Edition.

So tomorrow the NBA store in NYC is going to be releasing a new pair of LeBron’s shoes.

These shoes are SUPER limited as there will only be 9, yes thats right 9, pairs available.

IF you want them, I bet the line is already formed. So check eBay or something.


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